I believe that the best place to start a writing project about is nowhere. Nothing. Blank.

A lot of (and some of the best) ideas come form out of nowhere. That means that one day, on the bus ride to school, taking a shower, or trying to fall asleep an idea popped into your head. It was a completely random idea, but a good one. But you don’t know what to do with it.

The worst thing to do with an Out-Of-Nowhere idea is to ignore it. Maybe you’re too lazy to get up and grab a notebook. Maybe you think the idea is utter crap and is best kept to yourself to save it from humiliation.

Another thing you shouldn’t do with this idea is write it down, but try too hard to build on it. Some things should come naturally, and writing is one of those things. If you force writing, that’s exactly how it’ll sound: forced.

However, you may be one of those people that Out-Of-Nowhere ideas seem to avoid. And that you actually need to think about what you want to write before you write it.

Try this strategy I made up called Blank-Brainstorming.

  • first bring up a blank “something”. It came be a new Words Document. It can be a fresh, new page of a notebook. Maybe it’s your empty wall, it doesn’t matter. It just has to be blank. Try to avoid colorful notebooks, or starting writing with a certain font.
  • Then, start staring. Just concentrate on this blank nothingness until something pops into your head. It will be rare that you’ll have to do this for more than 2 minutes before you think of something.
  • Start writing!!! Here’s something that popped into my head when I tried this myself:

I’m so bored I’ll eat candy

But I’m trying not to eat

Because I don’t want to gain weight

And be fat forever and no one ever falls in love with me

But that’s just one of my fears

I have many

Some are absurd

Some are something a lot of people have

Like heights

And the dark

And spiders and monkeys and lions

And all animals that are only kept in zoos

And dying

Sometimes I’m afraid of absurd things

Like being alone forever

And a weird image


But I’ll keep writing this endless poem

Because I’m bored

Even though I’d really like to eat

I’m wondering if I should give this poem a nice, poetic ending and a title

Or just keep going on forever

What do you think I should do?


LOL I’m not the best poem writer (I’m used to writing stories), but I decided to give it a try.

  • Evaluate. Blank-Brainstorming can reveal a lot about your subconcious. As you can see from my poem, I was bored and craving food. I must’ve been pretty afraid (as I usually am when home alone) because I wrote plenty about my fears. Maybe, when you brainstorm, your story or poem turns out very depressing and forlorn: that probably means you aren’t feeling your best. Or maybe you find yourself writing about a certain person. You might just be in love (;
  • Save it for later. If you wrote some beginning of a story, maybe later when you come up with an idea you can build on it.  Then you have a whole new writing project on your hands!

Want me to read what you wrote or have any ideas or suggestions? Try my email: olaoyemistura@gmail.com