Sitting in a room full of inanimate objects would bore anyone. But how you feel usually depends on yourself. Next time you’re completely bored and still want to exercise your writing muscles, try this:

Inanimate-Inspired. Who says you can’t get ideas from your couch? Often, certain material things hold importance in your life. I’m talking about that fishing net you always saw your father use, or your diary that holds your deepest secrets.

Using Inanimate-Inspired write better descriptions. Say I’d like to write about the sun.

Worse description:

The sun is yellow, bright, and cheers me up every morning. It helps keep the earth alive. Everything would be dead without it.

Better description:

It’s like a heart, bursting to the beat of our lives. Every swell and explosion goes unnoticed by us but soon they will. When the End is near we’ll hear every burst of flame inside this heated heart of gas. Wishing we’d better appreciated it when we had more time left.

Now, the reason one of these is better than the other is because the 2nd one better describes what it means to the writer: a sign of the end of the world. However, the 1st one is very general; anyone could say that that’s what the sun means to them. My whole point is:  just don’t write about your new printer because it’s the first thing you lay your eyes on when you look around:

I got it just this week, and it’s waayy better than my last one. It even prints out better color pictures. The pictures looked great when i sent them to my aunt in Texas. She loved them.

Rather, write about your old iPod because…

It’s funny how much escape can be found this tiny little gaget. When my parents are fighting, The Strokes distracts me. When my boyfriend dumped me, Coldplay consoles me. When nothing in the world is right, Kings of Leon cheers me up.