Sometimes, when my creative writing teacher tells me to think outside “the box”, she would specify what “the box” is. Does it mean I can’t write realistically? That I can’t write unrealistically?

What does she mean when she says to be creative? What is being creative? Does it mean that I can’t have any inspiration?

That I have to look at all my classmates’ papers to make sure I’m not writing about the same thing any of them are? Which, I’m ashamed to admit, I do all the time.

(BTW, this indeed IS one of those corny introductions. If you despise them, move on to my next post) 

Well, I have no answers to those questions. I think you should avoid them at all costs.  In this blog, there will be no “box”, you can write however you like. Non-creatively, creatively, imaginatively, realistically, etc (End of Thinking Capacity)

Also, this blog is more for people who love to write for fun, rather than the uber-serious-and-trying-desperate-to-get-published-and-famous-kind of person. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re that serious, you should try writing on your own.

I love you all!